Find Your Money

Take a second look to see if the IRS owes you.

As seasoned industry experts with years of experience under our belts, we find high liability on a U.S. tax return is often the result of a return that’s been improperly prepared or completed. This is common—for people who file their own returns and those who work with tax professionals who don't have complete information about all tax-related rules and regulations.

Are you aware that you’re likely able to file an amended return—usually within three years—to add deductions and other details that may have been missed during your first attempt? That’s what we mean when we say, “find your money.”

We can help you make any of the following changes—and more—to returns, as applicable:

  • Report additional income
  • Claim missed deductions or credits
  • Correct credits you took that you weren’t actually eligible for
  • Change your filing status
  • Increase or decrease your number of dependents.

In addition to helping you correct or update your information, we'll also go out of our way to find every last dollar that’s rightfully yours.

“Steven gives me confidence that he knows the laws and will use that knowledge to get us the best possible return to minimize our tax bill.”

—James Z.

“Well, Steven is not only super experienced in tax preparation and counseling, he also protected our interests above our expectations.”

—William E.